Substance Abuse and Intimate Relationships

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We were supposed to go to counseling, but then it turns into a fight before it’s time to go. His last text to me on Friday was that he was done letting my sponsor come first and for me to go on with my life. We’ve been together for 15 years, and I don’t know if we’re beyond repair. He says I spend all my life with AA and my friends. He smokes pot, he’s a mean person, and we have totally different personalities. I’ve grown so much, but he doesn’t think he needs to change anything.

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Because drugs or alcohol aren’t an all-consuming addiction anymore, spouses can fully be present and enjoy each other’s company—and that can lead to a renewed appreciation of each other. There is also a greater understanding of a partner’s trigger situations, and couples know how to avoid them. Couples may also be taking the necessary steps to make sure their marriage stays healthy. That could include individual or couples counseling when necessary for relationship tune-ups, or checking in regularly with their support groups. Hopefully, the partner has also been in a 12-Step program, such as Nar-Anon or Al-Anon. New sobriety leaves a void, which formerly was filled with all the mental and physical activity of trying to control and manipulate the addiction and substance abuser. Being a codependent caretaker hid their inner emptiness.

Why Some Keep Using Drugs, Even Knowing It Ruins Their Lives

It doesn’t matter how your partner got where they are today. What matters instead is recognizing the problem, and understanding and implementing the do’s and don’ts of helping your addicted spouse. In order to heal as both individuals and as a couple, here are some tips to consider when trying to repair a marriage after substance abuse treatment. Partners are accustomed to their roles – the addict being unreliable and dependent, and the partner being a super-responsible fixer. This blog is for informational purposes only and should not be a substitute for medical advice. We understand that everyone’s situation is unique, and this content is to provide an overall understanding of substance use disorders. These disorders are very complex, and this post does not take into account the unique circumstances for every individual.

And because I’d been drinking heavily for so long, it meant I, too, had a lot of growing up to do. He didn’t try to step in and guide my recovery. But he listened Sober House and he tried to meet me where I was at. If I needed him to not drink in front of me, then he would. So naturally, people stopped inviting me places.

Letting go is hard, but staying stuck here is far more painful.

Blame games start with every partner feelingsorry for themselves,shame, and guilt. If this trend continues, divorce is inevitable. Depending on how long the habit has persisted, some patterns have already become entrenched. New or inverted roles have been formed due to one partner abandoning marriage after sobriety some functions and the other adopting those roles. The person with the substance abuse disorder has become dependent and unreliable while the other is the super fixer. No one wants you to have to get a divorce to cope with addiction unless you are unsafe or being abused.

What many people don’t know is that addiction is a family disease. It doesn’t just make the sufferer sick, it also harms their loved ones, colleagues, and acquaintances. One of the casualties of a battle with addiction is the trail of damaged relationships it leaves in its wake. With the right kind of help, repairing relationships after addiction is possible. You cannot understand how it feels to have needs and wants which you are too afraid to ask to be filled. You cannot understand how hard it is to support someone so thoroughly and completely—after years of anger, heartache and painful memories—but feel completely shut out and alone. You struggle to understand how alone you still are, and how alone you have always been.

Recognizing Signs of Substance Abuse in a Marriage

Fortunately, a family friend found him a bed at a center for homeless men with addictions. After graduating a year-long program, Lyle felt compelled to give back and began doing service work. Quickly this turned into a passion to help others that led to study the treatment industry top to bottom. He learned state statutes and regulations, and studied counseling practices from several angles. This eventually led him back to school for a degree in psychology. It became Lyle’s passion to learn how to provide the best care possible and be able to treat people for the duration they needed as an individual, not the duration their bank account mandated. Lyle was VP of a 6-county homeless coalition and a founding member of the Mental Health Action Team in Miami-Dade County.

  • The person with substance use disorder will have to learn maturity, which stopped with addiction.
  • With his sobriety came spirituality and empathy, and with his sobriety would come an apology.
  • Self-preservation does not afford the luxury of trust.
  • For almost a year and a half, we experienced a new kind of rollercoaster until he found the proper medication and acceptance of its place as part of his treatment.
  • And while she is managing him, the children, the household, and the finances, she’s awash with self‑pity because of the big load she has to carry.

A newly sober client may feel optimistic about their progress in early sobriety and ready for a fresh start in a relationship. They may not be focused on the past, where there likely was a pattern of several years of harmful behavior in the relationship. These issues cannot be resolved overnight, even if the client sincerely apologizes for past actions. Any action taken toward rebuilding the relationship is a victory, and these small steps must be celebrated. The more you learn about your spouse’s addiction, the better off your marriage will be. Addiction to drugs or alcohol is often experienced by one partner in a marriage. But sometimes, both partners struggle with substance use.


The younger the child, the easier it will be to get the relationship back on track. With older children, it will take time and patience to show the child that this change is permanent and that the parent will be keeping their word about being around for the child going forward. needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding. Remember, rebuilding a marriage after rehab will not be easy. But by putting in time and effort, your dedication will help you begin a healthier and happier chapter of your marriage. Throughout your addiction, you may have lied to your spouse, withdrawn, and shut them out. Therefore, it is crucial that you and your partner clearly and honestly communicate with one another as you begin your recovery.

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Some of these feelings may have been caused by childhood trauma or marriage failures, but this is not time to address them; otherwise, the marriage will fail. The person with substance use disorder will have to learn maturity, which stopped with addiction. He/she will have to learn new skills to face those difficult situations and adulting. Those close to them, such as the wives, mothers, and friends, should give the recovering persona the support needed if the marriage after rehab is to work. The non-addict spouse may have high expectations for long been missed intimacy and disappointed when it doesn’t materialize. Addiction is a chronic disease that can negatively affect a person’s life and health.

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