Pivot Mach 5 7 Review

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You are a grown man and don’t need to resort to the “get off the drugs” comments or the “I guess you’ve never been further than 7-11.” You were right though atrokz, I worded that incorrectly. There are several reviewers for Pinkbike that are known for honest and unbiased opinions. https://cryptolisting.org/ It takes years to build up a reputation for that. RC’s reputation comes from years at another publication, and regardless of anyone’s opinion about his ‘bias’, he gives detailed insight into products that we are interested in buying. A reviewer’s goal is not to sell a product.

Successful suspension setup is the key to all long-travel trail bikes, and the process is made easy with Pivot’s shock-mounted sag meter. The Mach 5.7 requires a bit more negative travel than most, about 30-percent sag, so use the tool to get it right. Turn off the Propedal function, gently climb aboard, set the spring pressure so that the O-ring lines up with the red line on the plastic indicator and you’ll be good to go. We used the center Propedal option with five clicks out from full slow for rebound. In profile, the Mach 5.7’s minimalist simplicity masks a number of innovative design elements.


I usually do not comment on these types of articles and debates, but I had to give my two cents on this one. I personally am STOKED that RC has joined the PB team and added some much needed diversity to the content. I understand that the majority of users on this site prefer the gravity side of our sport, and as such there is bound to be some complaining when anything but the latest DH or DJ bike is tested.

However in this case the lower link essentailly does not move during travel. Any “J” shaped axle path is due to the main pivot being placed relatively high above the BB. The effect would be the rear axle gets further away from the BB for the first portion of stroke. I understand the prices for bikes these days. However, I feel the economies are causing imbalances. They offer for the trail brake 203mm, 180mm and 160mm rotors.


I always just assumed that someone was paying all those people to wear spandex. I learn something new everyday on Pinkbike. So basically one bike with a mildly reasonable pricepoint…ok…

  • The modern mountain bike would not be where it is today without his innovations.
  • Fact is, all the trades like the Mach 5.7.
  • Hilarious to see people who own all mountain/enduro bikes bitching about the difference between XC race, downcountry, and trail.
  • I mainly come here for the videos, photos, and and user generated TRs anyways.
  • All of those bikes that you mentioned were previously reviewed – we keep the focus of Field Tests on bikes that we haven’t tested before.

The short clips of your downcountry trails look like UK blacks!! Quite excited by this review, would love to see enduro bike v down country with the control tyres on, switch the tyres around between the bikes and ride enduro and downcountry. Equally important is the terrain we rode the bikes on; as much as I enjoy skidding down some sketchy line on a short-travel bike, we need to ride them how they’re intended to be ridden. In the case of our six short-travel bikes, that meant plenty of rolling trails full of roots and rocks, but nothing more than any of these bikes should be able to brush off easily. Perhaps you should actually read and understand the patent?

Excellent plugin and great support

As mentioned, we also pondered Pivot’s decision to fit a nearly bald Kenda Slant Six tire to such a technically capable trailbike. Order yours with real rubber and shred happily unto the world. We feel that the now-standard 40/28 (SRAM 39/26) double-chainring gearing is too tall for trail work unless your legs are race ready. On the occasion when we did top uber-technical climbs with fresh legs, we left defeated riders open-mouthed on the sideline.

Jokes aside, I want to buy a dc bike and the bmc is the only one in this test which I’m remotely interested in… The moniker downcountry needs to die the same fiery death as the label acoustic bikes. I wonder why BMC send you the old frame. The new one already replaced the bike you tested so only few ppl will be able to buy one when they like the Test.

It’s a beefy frame with burly suspension and brakes. Definitely a short travel trail bike and heavy compared my buddies’ “down country” Blur, Ripley and Trail 429. Whatever…I bumped the fork to 140 and ride it/love it. I’m also a big guy with a dad bod and I really love downcountry bikes.


The Fox Fit damping system has an anti-bottom-out feature, so don’t expect the O-ring on the stanchion to run to the end of the fork travel unless you pound something hard enough to bend a rim. Rebound was set 4 clicks out and all seemed well and good. Those in search of a single bike that can span the wide gap between a lightweight climber and a capable all-mountain rig will find the Mach 5.7 will be tough to beat. I think it’s a question of commitment more than income.

I’d just like to go on the record as saying… I’m not 100% sure what downcountry is, but I’m pretty sure it’s not a bike with 140mm fork and 65 degree headtube angle. This proves that slacker geometry works better……everywhere. The term “downcountry” is likely to fade away now that even racers like Rissveds and Schurter have validated modern geometry for racing. That RSD is pretty porky compared to the others but the geo looks fun. Might be able to shave off two or three pounds with a bling build.

The Mach 5.7’s rear suspension rides higher when the shock is firmed up which makes the head angle a degree or so steeper. The two actions combine to make the Pivot feel a lot fresher to the legs, especially when ascents last longer than free will. We were not ashamed to reach for the blue lever. The result is a much smoother feel throughout the suspension travel with less ramp-up at the end-stroke. Pivot recommends that Mach 5.7 owners use the RP23 shock’s Propedal function when laying down serious power.

However you may look at the DC category, but one of those bikes clearly doesn’t belong there. I worked in a TBI neuro rehab unit of one of our hospitals (and still work with TBI’s on a regular basis in our trauma unit) and they’re definitely no joke. The body is a resilient mf’er, but messing with the brain is a bad time with a long, slow recovery and the very real possibility of permanent damage and/or deficits. As someone also going through TBI/PCS from a bike crash, I really feel for her. It’s insane how difficult it can be to do things when your brain isnt firing the normal way.

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Pivot offers five build kits for the Mach 5.7. Our test bike was appointed with the Shimano XTR ensemble highlighted by a 38/26 two-by-ten crankset, hard-stopping Trail brakes with ICE semi-metallic brake pads, and ICE 150-millimeter rotors. Wheels were DT Swiss Tricon 1550 wheels, while tires were a trail-blend of a Kenda xtroptions Nevegal up front and a Slant Six in the rear (both 2.35-inch). If you haven’t deduced it by now, our Mach 5.7 was outfitted on the trail rider’s side of the mountain bike meter. I know a lot of the popular choices have already been reviewed, but these bikes kinda look crap to some of the popular downcountry choices.

These days it’s hard to differentiate between bikes since all run excellent suspension technology and have progressive geometry. RC is reporting here about the value of the brand, what you get when you shell out the coin, and what works for HIM, and what doesn’t. RC reviewing a Santa Cruz V10 wouldn’t be entirely relevant, but a bike like the Mach 5.7 allows him to report based on years of his personal riding experience.


Still believe she can make a Gee-level comeback. Drivetrain, saddles, and tires are just a wash, they are all made overseas best I can tell. If you want to know actual cost differences, it would be better to take a look at something like Ibis’s internal prices between USA made and foreign made models. The Exie frame is $1000 more than the Ripley and $800 more than the Ripmo. That’s probably your upper bound, though, as the Ripley and Ripmo likely benefit from much greater economies of scale in production, as the Exie is a handmade, lower volume frame. Glad I’m not the only one who kept getting more and more shocked every sticker price I saw.

Incompatible plugin list

Stoked to see the Exie and BC40 reviews so I can compare to last year’s Blur LT review. Most interresting bikes in the class are for me the Arc8 Evolve FS and the Transition Spur. I would wish me a Field Test with these Bikes.

Pinkbike sets up a reviewer with the type of bike that they would buy for themselves, for their geography, and for their riding style. In this fashion, readers get the most information possible about the bike and where it is meant to excel. Apparently you’re one of those types of riders.

A brain is a lot harder to heal than a bone and Alicia’s future riding bikes, forget being a bike journalist, is in real jeopardy. I think it makes a lot more sense to categorize bikes by fork they are designed for and frame weight than by rear travel. Once you go 130 on fork, you may as well go 140 and have more rear travel as well.

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He may have gray hair and glasses but he knows how to ride a bike and understands the technical aspects as well as most engineers. People need to quit associating RC with MBA just because he used to work there, there is a huge difference between the two… They do a really good job here vs a lot of the magazines. To be honest I only sometimes feel like their reviews are a bit biased and I honestly don’t mind that much.

There is a beautiful balance that can be felt when the ground is rough and cornering forces are high that makes a ‘5.7 rider want to push harder with each successive turn. The head angle is not so slack that the bike has to be pushed around corners with the outside handlebar. Rather, the 5.7’s steering feels like an integrated part of its handling package – light at the bars with just the right amount of turn-in to encourage a confident flow. We attribute the Pivot’s new found cornering abilities to its lower bottom bracket, modern steering geometry and a better-balance between the shock and fork action. The limiting factor for hard cornering was the rear tire, which turned this phase of testing into a driftathon.

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