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Of course, you’ll need to ace your tech interviews before you receive any sort of compensation as an AWS Solutions Architect. However, there are many potential career paths for an AWS Solutions Architect. Many career paths and professional backgrounds lead to becoming a Solutions Architect. Finally, one of the best things you can do to successfully negotiate your Solutions Architect salary is by receiving other competing job offers. As a result, some companies in specific locations will be forced to pay AWS Solutions Architects more than others. Of course, the higher the level, the higher the potential salary and compensation. Abstract by Dmitry NikulnikovLike many mid to upper-level tech positions, many companies today have several levels of AWS Solutions Architect.

  • In the U.S., the average salary for this AWS Cloud practitioner is $160,000 per year, according to PayScale.
  • This course teaches you specialized data classifications, data encryption methods, and secure internet protocols.
  • It is also beneficial to have experience provisioning and overseeing AWS conditions on a minimum of two long-term projects.
  • Note that for this job, you need to have a thorough understanding of information systems and cloud computing.

In the first quarter of 2020 alone, the global cloud spending rose to $29 billion — a whopping 37% jump from last year. Try another search query or take our salary survey to get a personalized salary report for your job title. If you were to, for example, say that “$80,000/year would be the lowest I’d be willing to accept,” don’t expect your compensation to be much higher than that in the end. Don’t expect salary negotiations to only happen at the end of the interview process. Also, be sure to watch the simulation of a tech salary negotiation above to see some of these tips in practice. Abstract by Oleg ShcherbaOf course, there is not just one type of AWS Solution Architect. With over 150 solutions available, Architects have room to specialize and differentiate themselves from one another.

What kind of projects are included as part of the training?

As per Glassdoor based on this knowledge and experience, an AWS Cloud Practitioner can be paid anywhere from $98,000 to $100,000 per year. Also, they contrive to patch or debugging and perform the required server maintenance. Resultant depending on their experience and the company they are working for, the average annual income of a DevOps Engineer varies between $93,000 and $144,000. The job of an operational support engineer includes monitoring and resolving operational issues that are reported. Cloud architects, as the name suggests, are tasked with managing an organization’s cloud computing architecture. The Cloud Practitioner exam does not test technical skills in cloud computing.

As for the AWS DevOps engineer salary of $137,724, you’d also have to master automation tools and their maintenance, continuous delivery systems and methodologies. A cloud architect must have a balance of business, technical, and people abilities to accomplish this function. The practitioner must understand the AWS design concepts, best practices aws certified cloud practitioner in architecture, and industry standards. They must design and implement solutions based on best practices in architecture and the AWS Well-Architected Framework. One of the most important responsibilities of a DevOps Engineer is the creation of AWS cloud solutions with the potential to boost both overall performances and return on investment.

Cloud Engineer – 100% REMOTE – US Based

This certification centers around a much smaller group of AWS services, but requires a more intense degree of specialized skill. It is best suited for IT professionals who are already specialists in their field. Be aware that the general difficulty will be more similar to the expert level tests than those at the foundation level. To build a community of learners and achievers with having the latest industry knowledge to become eligible in-demand career opportunities across the world. That’s all for this blog, to learn more cloud computing skills check out our other blogs. The ability to design and develop applications for the cloud is crucial. An AWS cloud practitioner is generally the client point of contact for High Priority technical issues and new requirements.

To earn this certification, you must take and pass the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam (CLF-C01). The exam guide provides additional information, including a detailed breakdown of the exam content.

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